Glossary of Terms


The Uniview 4K series includes  an IR (infer-red) dome, IR bullet, PTZ Dome.

33X Optical Zoom

Optical zoom does not pixilate. As an example, the 33 times zoom camera can recognize license’s plate or face at a distance of up to 300m (~984 ft).


The starlight feature on Uniview cameras allow high quality imaging in low lite. The Uniview 1080P starlight cameras provide crisp color image even under .002 Lux (F1.2) low light condition.

Digital/Optical Defog

Uniview introduces optical defog technology. The IR imaging in this feature reveals details lost in foggy weather.

Smart IR

Uniview has 6 smart functions in The H.265 IP camera series, 6 smart functions:

  1. face detection
  2. intrusion
  3. crossing line
  4. people counting
  5. defocus detection
  6. scene change detection

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Typical CCTV Cameras have difficulty dealing with wide dynamic range in lighting conditions. This results in dark or over exposed images. The WDR functionality of Uniview products ensure clear images with rich detail and great image quality in lighting conditions with dynamic range up to 120dB.


Uniview’s cameras are water-proof and dust proof. IP67 indicates that the product can keep functioning under water for one hour at a depth of 1m (3 ft).

Auto Tracking